460 words. Prompt word of misfit.

He shifted, discomfort tightening his shoulders and forming knots in his back. Gripping his coke, he tried to remind himself he had every right to be there as anyone else.

“How ya been, Sara?”

He grit his teeth as his uncle uttered his dead name. It didn’t matter how often he said his name was Si now, people in this family continued to say that name.

“I’ve been better.” He bite out the words before turning to head back into the house.

His uncle muttered something about him being a little freak. Si ignored it. Wasn’t worth the fight even though he was spoiling for one. He wanted to rage. Slamming his cup on the counter, he stalked to the front of the house prepared to leave.

“Going already?”

Si stopped pulling on his sweatshirt and turned to find Dylan lounging against the living room entryway. Dylan was a family friend and they were the same age, but Si had always been shy around him. They’d both changed a bit over the years. Dylan had grown bigger, taller with a smile that light up everything, including Si.

“Yea, never been a fan of family reunions.”

Dylan pushed off the wall and walked closer to where Si stood. “Shame. We hadn’t gotten to talk since you…”


Dylan smiled. “You look good, Si. I’ve always though you were good looking, but this… you’re handsome.”

Fuck. Just the way he said it made Si’s cheeks heat and arousal tightening in his core. Si tried to shrug it off, swallowing around a dry mouth.

“Thanks,” he croaked. Clearing his throat. “This feels better, right.”

“Yea, I bet.”

A weird silence descended as Dylan stared down at him and Si fidgeted. Si felt hot and tried to resist the urge to sway into the bigger man.

“Would you every consider going out with me? I mean, I don’t know if…”

“Yes!” Si slapped a hand over his mouth.

“You were attracted to men.” Dylan started chuckling. “I guess that answers that.”

Si rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassment making him want to sink into the floor.

“Let me take you out though, Si. I’d love to get to know you.”

“You know me. You’ve known me for fifteen years.” Si pulled his sweatshirt on, feeling awkward and needing to hide just a little.

Dylan reached out to touch his face and Si froze as he came in closer. “No. Really get to know you.”

They were inches apart, so close he could see the flecks of gold in Dylan’s eyes and taste his breath.


Dylan’s smile made Si feel warm to his toes. More so when Dylan barely brushed his lips over Si’s. “Okay.”

Now Si was glad he’d decided to come.

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