Tutor Me

685 words. This post is brought to you by raging allergies, a Benadryl haze, and a desire for soft things. I did drug induced research for this.

Her chest rubbed against mine as her nails scratched lightly down my back. I tried to concentrate on what I was teaching her as her mouth sucked at my pulse point. History had been extra interesting since meeting her.

“Good I love distracting you.”

I was her history tutor, but from the moment I’d sat down across from her two weeks ago, I knew I was the one who would learn a few things.

“Deb, listen. 1887 was the start of-” Sharp teeth sank into my neck and my words stuttered out.

We were sitting on her couch, her straddling my thigh while I pretended to believe I was helping her. The way her body undulated against mine, those thighs squeezing around my leg as her legging covered cunt rubbed in to me. I could feel her heat through the fabric.

“Let’s take a break.” I offered as she sank her hand into my hair and pulled. Her teeth skimmed along my shoulder forcing a harsh gasp from me. “I could use a drink.”

“I’m thirsty too.”

She hopped off my lap and pulled me up. I expected her to lead me into the kitchen, but we bypassed it and went into her room.

“Deb…” I stood breathless as she pulled her tank top off to reveal those breasts she’d been pressing into mine.

Watching her turn away, watching her bend slowly as she pushed her leggings down to show her plump, wet cunt, made my mouth go dry.


She advanced on me, but I was stripping out of my t-shirt and shorts in a flash. I was naked, my cheeks glowing as she appraised me with hunger written all over her. She leaned forward to take one of my nipples in her mouth and I arched into her.

I let her maneuver me so my knees met the bed and then I was toppling backward with her on top of me. She was fucking ravenous, the mouth tasting every inch of me until I was quivering. When she pushed my thighs apart and made me cum screaming on her tongue, I lay staring in shock at the ceiling.

“No one’s made me cum like that before.”

“I’m happy to be your first.” She was a cat who’d gotten the cream, as she licked my cream from her lips. I wanted to return the favor, but she had other plans.

Flipping me to my side, she lifted my leg and wedged herself between my thighs so our groins touched. The feeling of that fat, wet pussy smushed into mine…

“Let me show you something.”

She began rocking her hips, grinding into me, our lips and clits rubbing in this lewd way. One of her hands gripped my thigh and the other teased my breast as she showed me how to move against her.


My head fell back as the sound of wetness filled the room. She moved me again, forcing me to my back as she followed. My legs were pushed wide as she sat side ways, allowing her to swirl her hips and ride my cunt. Pleasure exploded behind my closed eyes, my clit taking all the friction from her movement. Her little moans grew to loud yeses as she picked up speed. I mumbled incoherent things, unable to articulate anything beyond needing her to fuck me harder.

That mingle of sound, wetness and skin sliding on skin, and sensation was enough enough to make me cum with a broken cry. She followed right after me. I pried my eyes open to see her stomach tensing and her body shaking as she used my legs to wiggle her hips in tiny circles to prolong both our pleasure.

Her movements halted and I gaze up at her, a bit awestruck. A radiant fucking goddess, she rested with sweat glistening on her chest and a satisfied smile on her face. She leaned over to kiss my lips, that smile firmly in place.

“Thursday, while we study for econ class, I’m going to sit on your face. Let’s continue this study session.”

She recommenced her rocking.

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