Little Surprise

For the very little, but very buff guy at the gym and what I want. 635 words.

“How tall are you?”

It was strange to find him asking me that question and not the other way around. Eddy was cute with close cropped brown hair, friendly blue eyes, a sweet chipped tooth smile, and thick muscles. He also only came up to my breasts. When he sat down, I knew his feet didn’t touch the ground.

“I’m five ten.”

His eyes lit up with excitement. “I love tall girls.”

I shifted in my seat, easing my dress down my thighs. It surprised me that I’d stayed put when he’d walked into the coffee shop because I liked my guys taller than me. You know, so I could feel little. Something about him kept me seated in the booth. Something about him kept my attention.

“Look, I know this is a little awkward for you. My profile didn’t exactly state my height.”

It hadn’t. I’d agreed to a meet because he’d been sweet in our messages, not once asking to see my tits. He’d felt different than most guys that chatted me up. That ease had carried over into our date. He was cute and smart, able to keep up with conversation and revealed some cool things about himself.

“Yea, it’s okay. I’ve actually really enjoyed myself. You’re cute and very easy to talk to.”

My reply was an honest one, but he didn’t seem to believe me. He sat his coffee cup and leaned in like he wanted to tell me a secret. His expression had grown serious and I was a little nervous about what he was going to tell me.

“Can I show you something? I think you’ll like it.”

“Sure.” I nodded my agreement.

He moved back and under the table, leaving me seated there a bit confused. I felt his hand on my knee, warm and calloused. I squeaked and glanced around the shop

“What are you doing?” I know he heard me even though I didn’t raise my voice.

“Showing you something.”

He caressed my leg and I opened for him, interested in what he’d do. His lips brushed my inner thigh as his hands pushed up my skirt. I could feel his hot breath against my panties and found myself scouting forward in invitation. Then his mouth was pressing into me, wetting the gusset of my panties as he tasted me through the fabric.

The bruising way his hands gripped my ass, pulling me closer, made me spread my legs a little wider. He knew what to do with his mouth better than any guy I’d been with. Taking his time to explore my folds through the barrier of cloth before moving it aside to tongue my cunt. I tilted up my hips, trying my damndest to stifle my moans so I didn’t attract attention.

“Oh god, you’re good,” I whispered and heard his answering moan.

Glancing around to see no one looking, I reached under the table and placed a hand on his head. I don’t know why, but my touch set him off. He ate my cunt like the best dessert he’d had. The wet sounds filtered from beneath the table and I pulled him closer. Just the thought of being caught helped inch me closer. When he thrusted two fingers into my cunt and sucked hard at my clit, I came with a chocked groan that made a man two tables over glance up.

Eddy stayed beneath the table, his mouth glued to me, until the tremors passed. He kissed my cunt gently before leaving me to reappear on his side of the table.

Licking plump lips, Eddy stared over at me. “I knew I wasn’t what you were expecting tonight…”

“You were exactly what I wanted though.”

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