How Girls Kiss

“Have you ever kissed a woman before?”

The music throbbed so loud I could barely hear, but I heard her question without a problem. I found myself trading the pulsing beat of the club for her quiet efficiency because I wanted desperately to kiss her.

I wouldn’t have guessed a woman so tiny could have so much power hidden inside her, but when she shoved me back against the wall I revised my thoughts. When she kissed me, I revised them further. She made me feel how good things could be with her.

A quick press of her lips and then she’d dart away, forcing me to follow after so I could taste more of her. Then she’d come back and let me have control of the pace for just a moment, I’d feel her smile against my mouth before she showed me how she liked to kiss for real. She was ravenous, biting at my lip before kissing me hard enough to make me breathless.

Her hand slid up my thigh and straight between my legs. She didn’t play around, pushing the crotch aside and fingering along my labia before pinching my clit.

I arched into her touch, whimpering into her mouth as her fingers slid into my cunt.

“Have you ever really kissed a girl?”

Her question against my lips left me confused. Weren’t we kissing? My bruised mouth said we were, by the classic definition at least. But she just shook her head and slid down my body to her knees.

“No, not that kind of kiss.”

I watched, mesmerized as she shoved my skirt up my hips and pressed her red mouth to my white panties. I grabbed my skirt before it could obscure her face, while trying desperately not to melt down the wall as her eyes held mine. She found my clit through the fabric, wetting the nub with her tongue. I wanted her lips directly on my skin, my juices drenching her chin. I wanted to trade places and bury my face in her cunt just as she was doing mine. My knees shook with my want.

There was no stopping my moan when she moved now soaked gusset aside and rasped her tongue on my skin. I widened my legs, wanting her as close as she could get. Instead she drew back just a little, mischief dancing in her eyes.

“After you cum on my tongue, I’ll show other ways girls like to play.”

I nodded eagerly as she rid me of my panties and came back to eat eagerly at my cunt.

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