400. For the lady at the gym that reminded me that I’m bisexual.

Her hair was shaved into a short Mohawk and she had a bird tattoo that covered the left side of her neck. Watching her bench press 250 pounds without making a sound made my cunt wet. Short and packed with muscle, she appealed to something in me that I couldn’t explain. It was the appeal that led me to approach her.

“Hi.” I cringed at the way my voice cracked. Clearing my throat, I tried again. “Hi, I’m Jan. I…”

I lost my nerve just as she turned from racking her weights. Was I being a creepy guy by approaching a hot girl at the gym? I backed away as she looked over at me. She pulled her earbud out, the wire dropping down to dangle along her chest which drew my eyes.

“Can I help you?” Her voice was higher then I’d imagined, almost breathy.

“Sorry. Just trying to see if you were finished with the bench.”

My face flushed hot as she stared back at me for a few heartbeats. I watched her eyes track slowly down my body, I’m sure taking stock of me as I had her. I was suddenly conscious of my acne scarred shoulders, my small breasts beneath my Pink sports bra, my not so flat stomach, and my spandex covered legs. I crossed an arm over my chest, hanging my hand on my shoulder.

“No. Don’t do that.”

She removed her other earbud and straightened up. I was taller than her by seven inches, but I felt like the little one next to her. I found myself taking a half step back before I could stop myself.

“Do- Do what?”

“Cover up like that.”

I felt my face go hot even as I dropped my arm. She stepped the half inch closer, taking the ground I’d given and making my whole body heat.

“My name’s Shannon.”

She reached for my hand and I grasped hers. She didn’t shake, just used the grip to pull me closer. We were a hairsbreadth apart and I licked my lips in this strange anticipation. Her eyes were steady on mine when she used her other hand to pat my hip.

“Let me teach you how to squat, Jan.”

My mind flashed to her hands squeezing my ass as we scissored, while remarking on how firm it had gotten. I barely kept my inhale inaudible.

“I think I’d like that.”

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