Good Sam

235 words 
Was this a dream? He glided to her, his tanned skin shimmering in the sunlight. Raven hair blowing in the wind and blue eyes missing nothing, he had to be a dream. The heat of those eyes could’ve singed the clothes from her body as he knelt beside where she lay, dazed on the ground.

“Where am I?”

“I’m here to help.”

His deep voice made her shiver. When he put his hands on her, feeling along her face and head before his hands moved down her body, she gasped at the sensation. He learned over her, holding her gaze and moving his full lips slowly.

She stared up at him, utterly enchanted by him. He was handsome, attentive, and his touch set her aflame. She felt her nipples tighten and her cu–

“Ma’am? Ma’am, are you hurt?”

“Wh- what?” She blinked up at him slowly.

“You tripped on the sidewalk and took a nasty spill. I think you bumped your head.”

He reached up to touched a spot on the side of her head that made her wince. She was dizzy, the sensation worsening when she looked around and saw she was indeed laid out on the sidewalk.

“So… so you’re not the man of my dreams.”

He removed his hands from her so quick she fell back on the ground before she could catch herself.

”No, I’m just a doctor.”

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