Bigger is Better

200 words using Inktober prompt Husky.

She liked her boys big. Tall, broad, beer bellies, or six packs, she just preferred them big all over.

Her therapist said it was because she was a husky child and needed to be with someone bigger than her. She knew it was because she liked all that power between her thighs, and the only thing she was fixated on was the way her thighs or mouth ached after.

They always tried to treat her like a delicate flower on the first meeting, being gentle and barely putting their back into it. She didn’t want gentle and was quick to disabuse them of that notion as she choked on their cocks. She could take it, a ham-sized fist wrapped around her throat or a big body holding her down and stuffing her ass full.

She wanted to be used that way. To watch the bull charge at her and try to take her down. The way they’d roar their pleasure, as staring in disbelief, as they gave and she took. She was the conquering beast in those moments as they succumbed to the pleasure of her cunt.

It was all about what she could take. The bigger, the better.

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