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The chafe of the rope as it settled around her thigh made her wet. It was an instantaneous reaction and with  each tug she felt her heart beat kick up a little faster. Need vibrated just beneath her skin as he trailed it over her hips and up her stomach. She licked suddenly dry lips as she watched the jute criss cross her body.

He was moulding her, turning her into something else. She felt that change as he started a harness of rope around her chest. Her nipples grew tight, but her focus was the same as his, on the perfect way the rope began to frame her. She exhaled in a shuddery sigh as he knotted the rope at her back, the next inhale reminding her of his presence as the strands rubbed. Her movements remained unhindered, but she felt utterly bound. 

When he touched her, just a gentle touch along her shoulder, her cunt spasmed.

“Do you want your arms bound?” His voice was husky in her ear, as though he’d if she wanted to be fucked.

“Yes, please.” It didn’t sound like her speaking. All that longing and need released the moment he’d tied her up.

Cara laid out, naked except for black panties, bound in rope

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