Take it

215 words

She bent forward to grab the edge of the table, closing her eyes as her cheeks parted. The air brushed her bare labia and she caught her lower lip between her teeth to stop her moan. Anticipation rippled out along her skin in goosebumps.

“How many?”

His sudden words made her jump. Her addled mind couldn’t figure out what he was even asking.

The sound of something cutting through the air reached her ears seconds before red hot pain bloomed on her ass. She barely held her position, a sharp cry leaving her lips.

“How many?”

How many could she take? Her ass throbbed, drawing her focus to him. She couldn’t think to form the words. Even as the fire morphed and ignited heat in her cunt, she felt nervous about taking more pain.

“Do you want me to decide?”

His voice changed, losing that bland tone and deepening. Calloused fingers caressed the spot then followed the curve down to her thigh before pulling away. That touch made her want to take whatever he wanted to give her. She felt her whole body relax.


“It won’t be easy.”

He laid the cane along the spot where ass and thigh met. She was nervous, but that same anticipation grew in her chest.

“I trust you.”

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