Hotel of Choice

Hotel of Choice

What would you give to be someone else?

The hotel gleamed, almost out of place beside the dull brown buildings that surrounded it. It was magnetic in its pull, the vibrant red color beckoning the eye. It was impossible for the casual observer to know what went on inside, but all could feel the hum of excitement radiating from the place.

Theresa flipped the matte black business she held over and over in her hand as she stood on the sidewalk in front of hotel. The edges card scraped her palm each time she turned it, letting the sensation work to ground her to reality. A simple question the woman had asked her last night at the bar as she’d slipped the card into Theresa’s pocket. What would she give to be someone else?

Stepping up on the first step seemed to solidify her answer. The need to know what it was like to be someone else called out to her. She took another step up, that longing to be free of the fetters that life had placed on her filled her being. Life had dealt her a specific hand that she couldn’t run away from, but as she took the last step and pulled open the door, she realized she would give almost anything to be someone else.

She moved into an almost sterile, white reception area. It was empty except for a low desk and one small couch tucked just to the right of where the desk sat. Theresa looked around as doubt threatened to bubble up. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea she’d had after a night of drinking.

“Welcome.” A woman appeared beside her, startling her so badly she dropped the business card.

The woman had warm brown eyes and a blonde hair. She smiled and something about her made Theresa relax when she’d just wanted to bolt. Hands came from behind as she stepped forward and removed her coat, leaving her in the summer dress she’d thrown on. She felt the brush of air on her bare shoulders, but was suddenly overly warm. 

“Hello, Theresa. We’d been waiting for you for a long time.” The woman stepped closer, placing a warm hand low on her back. “My name is Loni and I’ll be guiding you tonight. Helping you find that thing that makes you feel.”

Theresa was guided forward and the room that had seemed empty and sterile before was transformed into a cozy office with a fireplace. Loni lead her over to a mahogany desk and sat her down in a plush chair.

“How did you do that?”

Loni simply smiled down at her, those inviting brown eyes deepening in a way that made Theresa uneasy all over again. “Everything here is safe and designed to appeal to whatever person is in the room. This is what you want, isn’t it? You crave something inviting because life been hard.”

Theresa felt those words in her gut. She wanted an escape from the pressure of work, the responsibility of her family, and from all the things she couldn’t get away from so easily.

“I want to escape.”

“Everything has a price, Theresa.”

She lowered eyes, Loni’s gaze too intense. “What must I do?”

Instead of answering her, Loni walked away to the cabinet to the left of the desk. Opening a draw, the woman withdrew what appeared to be cards. Loni returned and laid out five key cards in front of her, each a different color of the rainbow and each with a single word written on it.

“Each card is a room, each room is a choice. You must pick a room and embrace the person you have to be in that room.” Theresa reached out to touch a card and Loni grabbed her hand in a tight grip. “To touch one is to choose. Think before you do so.”

They held eyes for a moment before Loni released her. There was caution in the woman’s eyes, and something else Theresa couldn’t discern that made a knot of anxiety form in her belly. She had a feeling this first choice was pivotal.

Tucking her hand in her lap, she examined each of the cards in turn. The first card was blue. At the top was a flower and beneath it was the word Sense. Next was a green card with a snake coiled around a pole with the word Ache written on it. The third card was violet and showed a window with the words Open beneath it. Card four was brown and depicted a bull with Struggle beneath it. The last card was yellow and simply had a question mark

She hovered her hand over the last one and felt something tickle her palm, which cause her move her hand with a gasp. Theresa glanced over at Loni who stood silently, but offered no guidance. Closing her eyes, she tried to listen to her heart to feel which way to go. She lifted her hand and grasped the violet card, a sense of expectation filling her the moment she touched it. 

“To be open, truly open, is to let go of what would you hold most dear.”

The words were barely out of Loni’s mouth before Theresa found herself standing in front of dark purple door with open shutters on either side of them. She slide the card into the card reader. It flashed green and the door opened inward. There was nothing visible beyond the door jam, just impenetrable darkness. Theresa hesitated, suddenly nervous. She had no way of knowing what awaited her in the darkness and feared she wouldn’t be able to handle whatever lurked there. Loni was at her side in a blink.

“Life is about choices, Theresa. This is what you’ve chosen.”

It was almost a force at her back, preventing her from moving backwards. She had not choice, but to go forward. Drawing a deep breath, Theresa stepped into the darkness in front of her.

The Violet Room

Violet like a bruise or a bright bloom. It stains, it burns, it brings life to the body. 

It was a feeling of a thick cock invading her body that drew her from the haze. She tried to glance up, but her head was bound down with straps, her arms tucked close to her sides and her legs spread wide. The cock continued it’s slow fucking into her as she struggled to get free.

“You have to feel.”  The words were garbled as though pushed through lips unused to speak. It was deep and made her chest vibrate.

Feel the way hairy thighs rubbed against her butt with each thrust, feel the way his cock stretched her wide, feel the sweat drip from his skin to splash on her body. She gasped as the angle of the thrust changed, bringing a wave of pleasure that surprised her. He thrust deeper each time until she was canting her hips as much as possible to feel more of him. She hadn’t felt this intense pleasure in a long time. This was something that bubbled in her belly and made her want to beg him to fuck her deeper and harder.

“Open your eyes.”

She was reluctant at first, intent on her own pleasure that rode so close under the surface of her skin, but he slowed his movements. She opened her eyes and gasped at what she saw.

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