An Ancient

More than I meant to write at almost 900 words. Prompt word was ancient.

“In three hundred feet, turn left.”

The road was endless in front of her. Ana turned off the GPS in frustration. There was no left turn in this stretch. She was deep in some sort of ancient forest where the trees grew gnarled and thick. It was still light out, but the sun seemed to barely filter through the trees. The longer she drove, the more the road narrowed.

Stopping on the road, Ana got out to look around. It had been a warm day when she’d set out to explore the area, but goosebumps rose on her bare arms the moment she’d stepped out of the car. She considered her options. Walking to the back of the car, she looked back where she’d come. The road looked more narrow behind her now, barely wide enough to fit a cart let alone her large SUV. She’d made a wrong turn somewhere, but she knew the road didn’t look like that when she’d started down it.

Ana moved back to the driver side and started to open the door when she heard the locks engage. She tugged on the door in shock. Stuck in the middle of nowhere and unable to get back into the car was the start of every horror movie Ana has ever seen.

“Can I help ya, Miss?”

Whirling with a scream, Ana found herself face to face with a man. Sickly pale and clad only in a loincloth, the man towered over her. Ana could see the dark blue veins snaking beneath his skin and the ropey muscles that shivered in the sunlight.

“No, just out exploring.” Ana’s heart raced, but she pasted on a smile and moved along the side of the car to put distance between them.

He tilted his head, his black eyes narrowing. “We don’t get many visitors in the forest. Not unless they’re supposed to be here.”

“I can imagine. It is a…” she looked up and when she glanced back down he was standing close again. “Different kind of place to visit.”

He laughed, this deep and hearty sound that triggered a weird sensation in her body. “It is. Shall I show you how different?”

Holding up a hand, Ana have a nervous laugh. “No no. I’ll just continue on my way.”

“In a moment.” His eyes changed to an almost bronze color and he was on her in seconds.

Ana’s world tilted the moment he touched her. Cold hands gripped her arms, searing her skin and rendering her still and blind. She heard his whispered chants in her ear as he turned her so her back was pressed to his front. The words etched themselves on her mind and then faded from her memory. His lips brushed her ear before she felt them on her throat. When his teeth sank like hot knives into the place where neck and shoulder met, Ana’s body exploded with heat.


Her voice came from a distance. Begging as her body arched back into the hard line of his cock. She saw nothing, but felt everything. Her shorts tight around her thighs, her cheek pressed to the glass of her car door, his teeth ripping deeper into her neck as his cock sank into her cunt, and the trees rustling so close above her.

Mine forever

His words were a whisper in her head. Ana wanted whatever he wanted. Anything to feel how she felt with him inside her. She tilted her head to give him more.

“Please.” Her voice was a hoarse cry as he drained her. “Please.”


He seemed to be chanting that word with each thrust, each pull of her blood. The urgency of it increased until she was pleading wordlessly for him to make her come.

Just when she felt things start to dim around her, he bite just a little harder, his grip tightening as he filled her cunt with warmth. That first spurt sent Ana tumbling. Her screams were swallowed up by the trees.

When she felt his teeth leave her neck, a strange emptiness filled her chest. It only worsened when his cock left her body. Ana was unbearably cold and hollow as she leaned sightless against her car.

“I need.” she shook her head, confused and disoriented.

A warm hand pressed to the nape of her neck before gliding down to her back. “The ache will subside then I will find you again.”

“Find me.” Ana couldn’t understand anything and she felt on the verge of losing consciousness.

“It will be clear. Sleep and remember you are mine.”

His whispered mine was the last thing she heard.

“In three hundred feet, turn left.”

Ana blinked and found herself on the highway, seconds from missing her turn. Taking the left, she turned on to the street for the boutique she’d been looking for earlier. Something didn’t feel right, but a cloud of confusion hovered over her.

Pulling into the shop’s parking lot, she killed the engine and sat for a moment. A nagging feeling made her grip her neck. Other than tension, she didn’t feel anything. The nagging feeling remained, but she couldn’t pin any of her fleeting thoughts down. Nothing to do for it now. Maybe she’d just stop taking such long drives in the future.

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