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Welcome, Bienvenidos, Welkom if you’ve ventured here from my Patreon, I welcome you to my something new.

What you should expect to find here:

    On the 15th of each month for the next 12 months I’ll be posting a chapter of an ongoing story I’ve started.
    The first chapter of the story is a free read and will be pinned at the top for easy access
    The remaining parts of the story will be posted on the site and can be accessed via a password.
    I’ll send out the password to all supporters who pledge $1 or more on Patreon.
    More short stories for higher contributions will also be found here under the same password system.
    My end goal is to compile the final product, edit it, and publish the work

What I hope you’ll do when you visit:

  1. Become a Patron
  1. Interact with the storyline, whether that’s offering suggestions or prompts.
  2. Send your friends.

I’ll refine the tiers and add more as time goes along. I’ll be writing more stories here and offering bonuses as people join as well. Watch this space.

Additional info:

“What happens if I pledge in the middle of the story?” Contact me here or on Patreon and I’ll give you options for getting caught up on the story.

For samples of serials, see Playing God

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